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New Store Launch

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Pallavi Foley’s new store mirrors her design philosophy for jewellery. Avantika Bhuyan
Rich tones of black, gold and turquoise greet the eye as soon as one enters jewellery designer Pallavi Foley’s new store in V R, Bengaluru.
“When we launched our first store at the Leela Galleria, a lot of customers would come from the far reaches of the city such as Whitefield. That’s when I thought that we should do a larger store on the other side of the city as well,” says Foley, who is known for her handcrafted sculptural jewels in rich 18 carat gold. Hailed as the “Elsa Peretti of India” by the World Gold Council, Foley is known for her unique designs. And it is this creative vision that is reflected in her store as well, designed by her husband, Neil. The overall concept “has a very direct influence of the designer and her style. The idea was to create a retail identity through the store design, where the model would be scalable and identity-centric,” says Neil. The colour inspiration stems from the precious gemstones used by Foley in her designs. In the future, every store will have different gemstone influences, making each new and frsh.
“The first store was very studio like. It was like a restaurant with a live kitchen where you can see the chefs at work. There you could see the entire design team brainstorming and working on the pieces. There was even a ramp for fashion shows,” says Foley. The decor was modern with white lines and silver tones. The new store carries forth this modern ethos and yet is deep rooted in Indian sensibilities. “The patterns are Indian with high roofs, akin to old historic buildings. The ceilings, that the turquoise blue chandeliers hang from, are patterned with traditional motifs,” says Neil. The facade is dramatic and iconic with wood and glass arches. It gives a whiff of grandeur, while also seeming inviting and hospitable to the customers. “It has given a new flavour to a jewellery store and moved away from the traditional store look,” says Neil.
The space continues to remain ideal for boutique jewellery, featuring bespoke pieces as well as those with very lucrative price points. “The designs start at Rs 10,000 and go up to really anything. We have a beautiful pret line as well,” says Foley, who hails this as the first designer label to come into the jewellery space with affordable price points. “This is a platform where design is available to everyone. Why should a piece priced at Rs 3 lakhs only boast of great design and not one which costs, say, Rs 20,000? Each of our designs is unique,” she says

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