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The Retail Jeweller World Dubai Forum 2021 shines a spotlight on the industry’s brightest achievements

The first show for the jewellery industry on the shores of the City of Gold, the Retail Jeweller World Dubai Forum brilliantly captured the ethos of the gem and jewellery industry after the pandemic shocker.

The Retail Jeweller World Dubai Forum 2021 (RJWDF) held on April 7, 2021, at the Conrad in Dubai, successfully etched its name in the pages of history as the first jewellery show that graced the sands of the country with its mark after the pandemic.

The forum, which saw its inaugural show in 2019, became bigger this year, with better panels, erudite speakers and market strategists who listed out the valiant efforts of the Middle East gems and jewellery industry in ensuring that the business aced through the storms of the pandemic. Business ideas that are tailor made for the virtual future that looks inevitable now, presentations that kept the idea of the consumer close to the heart and industry leaders who have been there and done it — that is what the RJWDF was all about. As big as it gets, this year, jewellers from India and the GCC nations attended the forum.

The forum had wonderful partners who helped scale the event to a vast magnitude and desirability. The main presenting partners were GJEPC and Ithra Dubai. The digital transformation partner was Suntech Business Solution, the jewellery discovery platform was Aurum Bazaar, the diamond laboratory partner was S.G.L Labs and the diamond technology partner was DRC Techno. Vision Board Studio was the visual merchandising partner and Kama Schachter was the diamond and platinum jewellery partner.

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