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The Retail Jeweller – which has been a bi-monthly business magazine for the jewellery industry, a runaway favourite business magazine of India’s jewellery retailer’s since its debut in 2004, has gone beyond borders with its world website. Completely focused on the subject of jewellery retail, we are well established as thought leaders in the industry.

The publishing company that founded the website has also instituted the first business awards for the Indian retail jewellery industry – The Retail Jeweller India Awards (RJIA). Now in its 13th year, RJIA is the oldest and the most prestigious platform that recognizes and honours the marketing and design excellence in the industry. Over the years the awards have attained the stature of Oscars for the jewellery industry.

In 2014, with the single-minded aim to aid the organized transformation of the industry, we instituted the industry’s first knowledge forum for jewellers. The event brings together over 200 retail jewellers and other stakeholders from across the nation to gain from the collective expertise and experience of speakers and panellists who bring in new insights and ideas from not only the jewellery industry but related industries.

In 2021, this website came as a branch of the mother website, to bring the international jewellery industry, particularly in the Middle East region, into focus. With our aim to grow and prosper, we intend to become the primary website for retailers across the world to look at for a holistic view of the workings of the industry.